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A&P Manufacturing Ltd located in Milton, Newfoundland & Labrador is the largest pallet manufacturing in Eastern Canada.

A&P Manufacturing Ltd takes great pride in their products with quality above all else. Proudly Newfoundland owned and operated, with all products manufactured here at home.

What We Offer

– Domestic Non Certified Pallets & Crating
– IPPC Certified Pallets & Crating for International Shipping
– Regular Sizing
– Custom Sizing
– Used Pallets
– Firewood
– Lumber

Contact us for details & pricing.

Domestic Non-Certified Pallets & Crating

Inter-Provincial shipping or any location which does not require HT Certification can make use of Domestic Non-Certified pallets.

As a company, we are proud to be able to implement processes that result in environmental benefits.  Using wood as a building material for new products allows us to do so.  For each cubic metre of wood used, carbon emissions are reduced by nearly two tons.

Whatever your need, we are able to build custom pallets that will meet your specifications.  This includes two-way, four-way and block configurations.  We begin by evaluating your pallet design and material handling requirements and then proceed to provide you with a pallet that is both economical and functional. Our new pallets are manufactured from softwood materials and are fastened with quality fasteners supplied by Stanley Bostitch. Our lumber is sourced from responsible suppliers who ensure both quality and economy so that we can provide you with the right pallet for a fair price.

Some benefits of purchasing new wooden pallets:

  • Widely available
  • Easily customized
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Highly recyclable
  • Made from wood that might otherwise be wasted
  • Easy to repair and reuse

IPPC Certified Pallets & Crating for International Shipping

Most international shipping requires IPPC certified wood packaging products.  Yet, not only does a vast majority of shipping overseas require certified material, the Canadian government is getting ready to implement the requirement for IPPC certified materials for cross-border shipments.  As a certified facility, A&P Manufacturing is subject to regular inspections and must maintain the record keeping requirements of the program.  This will ensure the compliance of your shipping materials.

In order to ensure that our processes are “clean”, to limit legal liability and to ensure that the packaging is not compromised, each and every step needs to be certified.  In the unfortunate event that pests are found in the wood packaging, the liability will fall upon the certified facility that provided the wood product.  Shipments can be refused entry in international ports, destroyed, returned, and/or quarantined and fumigated at the exporter’s cost. Violations, which include shipping wood packaging with counterfeit stamps, can result in fines under the Agricultural Monetary Penalties Act.

Regular & Custom Sizes


We offer both standard and custom size pallets, as well as pallets specifically designed for international shipping.  Typically “standard” refers to a wooden pallet that is 48×40″. Most are available as 4-way or 2-way options – they can be picked up by a forklift from 4 or 2 sides.

GMA 48×40″ Pallets

  • Heat Treated 48×40″ Pallets
  • #1 Grade 48×40″ Pallets
  • #2 Grade 48×40″ Pallets


A standard sized pallet may not always work for your specific application, therefore we are able to supply custom wood pallets to your specifications. Please contact us for a specific quote.


Used Pallets

Used wooden pallets are just a durable as new pallets, are easy to repair, and provide an eco-friendly alternative that can help save trees.  Our used pallets are fully inspected and repaired before reselling, so you can be confident that you will receive a quality product that brings with it all the environmental benefits of using wood as a building material.

Why go with recycled wood?

  • Lower cost compared to new pallets
  • Easy to repair and reuse
  • We recycle all our wood waste

Wooden Pallet Sizes

We normally stock these used pallet sizes :

  • 48 x 40
  • EUR/EPAL: 800mm x 1200mm

Contact us for our full selection of sizes and availability.

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